The Japanese motor company unveiled the 2020 Yamaha R1 and R1M racing bikes. And they are ready to hit the track. The company has worked on the styling of this already radical looking superbike R1 to make it mimic the MotoGP machine. The styling has been done with a new screen and fairing that now flows in line with the tank. Yamaha claims that the aerodynamics of the new R1 is up by 5.3 per cent. Also, the new design allows every type of rider to fit in.

According to the company, the bikes are not fasters but are smarter and efficient. Besides that the R1 is the iconic and recognized worldwide.

2020 Yamaha R1 and R1M

While, talking about the Yamaha R1, it’s been Yamaha’s high-performance superbike and one of the greatest and wildest rides on the road and track.  Earlier, the bike got heavy upgradations five year ago and now Yamaha’s bringing out a new model for 2020.

The new 2020 bike has taken steps forward in its revised, Euro V-compliant engine and on its suspension. On the other hand it has beefed-up electronics and its aerodynamic performance thanks to revised bodywork as well.  On the other hand, the standard bike to cost $17,399 and the R1M to be $26,099.

For the new specs, alongside improved aero, there is also greater fairing rigidity. Yamaha has achieved this by using an aluminum air duct behind the front section, as well as titanium lower panelling covering the exhaust. Besides that there is couple of new LED headlights which help give the bike a more aggressive stance. Both the R1 and R1M will also feature an aluminum fuel tank and wheels, too.

Although power remains unchanged at a claimed 197bhp, the bike receives updated finger-follower rocker arms and new cam lobes. This is there to allow more stable valve operation at high rpm. Extracting this top-end rush is made easier by a lighter ride-by-wire throttle, which is said to give a more natural feel. Meanwhile, the now Euro5-compliant 998cc crossplane crank engine has been reworked to include a new intake system. It also complete with new 10-hole Bosch fuel injectors for a wider spray angle giving a more efficient burn.