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Apple Airpods Pro may also be known as the AirPods 3 to some are the reliable wireless earbuds delivering active noise cancellation, well-suited fit, and more importantly elegant design to attract more iPhone users into the precise wireless fold. Here is a complete review of Apple Airpods Pro for the people interested in an upgrade.

Apple’s latest earbuds are much expensive, with the AirPods Pro costing far more than the Airpods 2 that released in 2018 and even higher than the Powerbeats Pro.

Complete Review of Apple AirPods Pro

The higher price is due to a reason, you are getting earbuds that have been redesigned from tip to toe, and with far more helpful features in the mix.

Initial Setup

Just like other Apple accessories, the AirPods Pro immediately connects to your iPhone or iPad – you just need to open the case to get started.

Apple AirPods Pro

you just have to be certain that iOS 13.2 is installed to your device so you can get, in Apple’s terms, “all the advanced features” on offer – what these advanced features are is uncertain (possibly the modern volume control options in Control Center), but staying with ‘limited features’ didn’t look engaging.

Once activated, the AirPods Pro will be automatically paired with your phone and all Apple devices linked to your iCloud account (including Apple Watch, iPad and Macs), so you won’t have to keep pairing your new earbuds.


The prominent thing we noticed in our initial analysis is that the AirPods Pro is light. They’re such light that once bumped into the ears; it’s difficult to determine that they’re there.

Apple AirPods Pro design

Though this lightness is a bonus in terms of convenience, it could be a drawback in other ways – you could easily assume a situation where you lose one and don’t realize for a while that it’s not there.

The stems are much smaller than on the Airpods 2, and where you were apt to tap the former earbuds to skip tracks or activate Siri, the fit of the AirPods Pro means that would be a less satisfying experience here.

Apple AirPods Pro features

Rather, there’s a ‘capacitive force sensor’ in the stem, a tiny ridge on each stem of the AirPods Pro, which you pinch to shift between noise canceling and Transparency mode, squeeze instantly to pause music, or ‘double squeeze’ to skip forward.

Apple AirPods Pro features

The bad part, there’s not a haptic click, rather an audible one, to read the touch, as that would have made the modern AirPods Pro taste so much more tangible. You can change what this squeezing the ridge does, setting it to command Siri, if you need it, and you can specify a different function to each earbud as well.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

Here comes the plus point, Apple is promoting custom drivers, enhanced bass, “pure and precise mid and high frequency” and an adaptive equalizer.

Noise cancelling airpods pro

AirPods Pro does give exceptional sound quality in our initial analyses. There’s a remarkable abundance to the bass and transparency in the vocal segments when just listening to streaming music on Spotify, and even at a half volume the sound level is well satisfactory – the new AirPods Pro can run rather loud if you hit the volume right up.

Apple AirPods Pro review

Apple has installed two microphones in the AirPods Pro, providing both internal and external sound analysis. The former will control the audio quality in the ear to detect if the music that you’re playing sounds as it should, and modify it accordingly using an algorithm. The latter cuts out background noise and produce a far more peaceful listening atmosphere.


The charging case will provide you over 24 hours of listening experience when its fully charged, with each full charge of the AirPods Pro making you five hours of listening (that’s with noise-canceling or Transparency off – you’ll get four and a half hours with it on), or three and a half hours of use if you utilize the AirPods Pro as a hands-free mic for calling.

Battery life of Apple AirPods Pro

If you just need a fast sip of juice, should your new AirPods Pro die on you, you’ll get one hour of listening experience from just five minutes of charging.

Talking about charging the AirPod Pro earbuds, you’d better wish you’ve either got a new iPhone 11 Pro or a Lightning cable kicking around – the new earbuds’ case has a Lightning charge port, but the cable that comes in the AirPods Pro box is a USB-C to Lightning that might bother some people.

Apple AirPods Pro price

Release Date and Price

The AirPods Pro release date is 30 October worldwide – so the gap between them being announced and you being able to buy them from an Apple Store is much shorter than normal.

Battery life of Apple AirPods Pro

The price of the Apple AirPods Pro is $249 / £249 / AU$399 / AED 999. 

Apple AirPods Pro details
Apple AirPods Pro features