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AKO is a Vilnius, Lithuania-based electric vehicle startup that has been working hard to develop the AKO Trike. This two-seater electric three-wheeler is now on its second-generation prototype and features a unique leaning mechanism. It offers a completely new type of maneuverability as it is competent of leaning into curves as well as simply steering at lower speeds.

AKO Trike is completely redefining the segment between a motorcycle and a car. To produce a viable design for the vehicle, the developers got inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz F300.

AKO Trike

The current Ako Trike that’s ready for pre-orders in the market runs on a 26 kWh battery pack that beats out up to 200 kW motor outputs. It can reach up to more than 300 km range and a DC fast charge. There are two seats with a 30-degree leaning angle and has a mighty weight capacity of 500 kg.

AKO Trike

For safety and protection, this innovative model of the drift trike comprises of front and side airbags, a 4-point seatbelt, lean controls, and a lower center of mass.

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This is an extraordinary engineering and design piece that makes for an elegant, modernized, and efficient ride. It renovates vehicle maneuverability by its ability to lean into curves and low-speed steering. It also empowers drivers to take in unique experiences when it comes to driving and crossing urban landscapes.

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The complete production of the vehicle will start in 2021. There will be high-end and eco-friendly variants of the unit. This is something all vehicle enthusiasts can hope for. These great machines are on the costly side but what you will get is something not only aesthetically-appealing but a mode of transport that is very practical and effective as well.

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The Arko Trike will fall under the L5e category of vehicles, which implies that you’ll probably need a driver’s license to sit up front. And besides a target weight of less than 450 kg (992 lb), that’s about all the details we have at the moment.

AKO Trike specs
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