This time Amazon launches more daily use gadgets, with Alexa enabled service. As the company has launched Echo Frames, Echo Loop, and Echo Buds, it means that Alexa is now in your glasses, your ring, and headphones. There are much kind of smart glasses bring to mind complex augmented reality eyewear, but Amazon’s Echo Frames are taking a more focused approach with Alexa using audio alone. It seems that now Alexa is everywhere, from head, to ear to eyes as well.

Well, Amazon announced a lot of new products, but three are quite brilliant. The Echo Buds wireless earphones, the Echo Loop ring, and the Echo Frames glasses.

Amazon Gadgets

Amazon Echo Frames

Apparently, these seem to be a regular pair of glasses. That are made of black plastic, with a mixed gloss and matte finish, they weigh just 35 grams: less, indeed, than some non-smart glasses are. On the other hand, unlike North Focal Glasses, there is no display on glasses, but everything happens through command, with voice, audio, and the swipe. On the other hand, with $179.99, the Echo Frames only pairs with Android phones and there is no paring with iPhone users. The glasses need to be charged nightly and will last only three hours if you’re constantly listening to podcasts, but they have 14 hours of battery life on standby.

Echo Buds Wireless Earphones

While, speaking of Echo Buds, they are a pair of Alexa-enabled wireless in-ear headphones. Users will also be able to use the headphones to access their phones’ built-in AI assistant with the help of buttons. Thus, it means that user can use them with both Siri and Google Assistant. Besides that these wireless earphones are available for $129, and include Bose technology for noise-canceling. Other than that the Echo Buds will come with three different ear tip sizes; small, medium and large.

Echo Loop

The third one is the Amazon’s Echo Loop, which is also an Alexa-enabled smart ring that tethers to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The device is part of the company’s new “Day 1 Edition”, and will be available on an invitation-only basis for $129. Users will be able to activate its microphone by pressing a button on the ring. Besides that, the Loop also offers haptic feedback for notifications, two miniaturized microphones to capture queries, and a small speaker to voice replies.