Electric skateboards now come in different style and specification, but they all seem to have the same potential and only vary in aesthetic design. But this you might be wrong, as Bajaboard Pantera electric skateboard is the fastest one. Earlier, the fastest have ever been on an electric skateboard was about 40 km/h, or 25 mph. It means, the enthusiasts at Bajaboard just produced an insane, overpowered sidewalk monster dubbed the Pantera that will hog the spotlight.

The Bajaboard Pantera Electric Skateboard has a large, practical design with plenty of command and an easy ride. Well the limited controller for this electric skateboard has been designed purposefully. It has been done to have friendly, active and the way user like to control it.

Bajaboard’s Pantera Electric Skateboard

The Bajaboard’s Pantera electric skateboard is an act of extreme madness. With four 3.5-kilowatt motors, a 10S, 1.1 kWh battery pack and four 110-amp motor controllers. other that these, this thing puts out a peak power around 8 kilowatts, or 10.7 horsepower. It has a range up to 45 km, or 28 miles, and a blistering top speed of 72 km/h (45 mph).

The matte black sinister skateboard is equipped with adjustable suspension. Besides that it has custom head and tail lights, black anodized alloy rims, and a 10S battery configuration with 1,100Wh capacity. Because of its power and design, you can perform a mini burnout on the Bajaboard. This Bajaboard’s Pantera Electric Skateboard is rightly to be called as the supercar of electric skateboards.

The Pantera has the aptitude to turn itself around using a mini burnout kind of action called as “tank mode.” So you don’t have to drag the 26 kg board around physically if you need to jump off and change direction at a standstill.

As with adjustable suspension, alloy rims, matt black paint and custom head and tail lights, the pricy is little high. It says that Bajaboard’s Pantera electric skateboard has the price of an high end mountain bike.