Few guys don’t want to one day own a walk-in closet stuffed with every kind of suit, but we’re frequently in the obscure as to how to get there. For the rest, suits are an essential gear: an insurance scheme for professional and friendly events that you desire to spend the modest minimum on. Here are the different types of suits for men you will love to have in this year.

This guide will completely help you to choose the best types of suits for men for almost every kind of event and occasion that will give you stylish and fashionable look.

Types of Suits for Men

Plain Navy Two-Button Suit

Plain Navy Two-Button Suit - Types of Suits for Men

The tailoring is much like that of a light black dress if you get just one sort of suit, make it a plain navy two-button with a cut lapel. You won’t make more use out of anything else.

Marriages, job interviews, court appearances, it’s got your back. Particularly if you prefer a light-weight so that you can wear it all year round. Textured fabric allows you to wear the blazer and trousers as suit divides with the rest of your garments.

Plain Grey Two-Button Suits

Plain Grey Two-Button Suits

The other kind of tailoring workhorse. The rangers. Simply when your navy suit was about to get to the laundry for dry cleaners, grey comes to the rescue, able to make you look great.

As a universal rule, charcoal skews formal and cold, while mild grey is more relaxed and summery. A mid-grey will provide you the most extent for day-in, day-out, year-round wear. Practically, you need to pick a tone – and material – with length, such that you can wear the pants with your navy jacket and vice versa.

Dark Double-Breasted Suit

Dark Double-Breasted Suit

It’s at this stage that American style guides would suggest a summer-ready suit in lightweight khaki cotton. Though, for those in less kind climes, there are more aggressive problems.

Rather, now is the time to claim a softened, double-breasted type of suit as your dark horse: particularly, an almost-black grey, or navy that’s resembling midnight blue, possibly even in a fabric with a hint of a gloss, like mohair, and with top lapels.

Dinner Suit

Dinner Suit - Types of Suits for Men

Black tie proposals may be few and far between — as rare as once a year, even — but they will come, with growing consistency as you get aged. And when they do come, they’re always for moments when you need to look and feel at your peak: a rich work function, wedlock, a long-overdue Award nomination for Best Actor.

They’re not moments when you want to clothe an ill-fitting hire suit that smells of the soaked-in sweat of a hundred other miserable men before you.

Check Suit

Check Suit

Though it might not be the most appropriate kind of suit to buy, some things agree to supercharge a sartorial revolution like a check. Be it a tartan, Tattersall, Prince of Wales, windowpane or houndstooth (and breathe), the all-over design is one surefire idea to look different and unique from the suited crowd.