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If you had a chance to see one racing car-inspired gaming chair, you’ve seen them all. And indeed, it never made much sense how gamers — that sit still most of the time — could take advantage of seats that are intended for the constant pressure of high-speed racing. So Herman Miller, a vendor of the universal Aeron office chairs, pulled up with Logitech G for something unique: Embody Gaming Chair – a completely customizable seat for gamers that look like something a crazy scientist would own.

Here is everything you need to know about the Embody Gaming Chair created after collaboration between Logitech and Herman Miller.

Embody Gaming Chair

The Embody Gaming Chair is the company’s original product equipped towards the Twitch generation. And because it’s not precisely recognized for staying on the beat of gamers, Herman Miller collaborated with Logitech to learn more about how esports players actually sit.

Embody Gaming Chair

The result is an unfolding of Herman Miller’s existing Embody line: A chair with seven points of calibration; the strength to adapt to your posture and spine position; a plain tilting mechanism; and copper-laden foam to keep you chill. It also highlights something the firm describes “Dynamic Pixel Circulation,” which assists to deal with weight as you adjust during a play session.

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Head-on, the Embody seems like many other sleek office chairs. But take a step to either side and you’re faced with glowing blue coloring along the back and a pattern that makes it look like it’s practically hovering in the air. It’s intimate and outlandish at the same time.

Logitech gaming chair

Herman Miller and Logitech G are also working out a family of gaming desks, as well as the Ollin Gaming Monitor Arm, which can help relieve you of your annoying monitor stand. It’s obvious that Herman Miller is enthusiastic to go all-in on gamers. But the real question will be if gamers will actually pay up.

Herman Miller gaming chair

Besides the $1,495 Embody Gaming Chair, the Motia Gaming Desk will go for $1,295, while that monitor arm will cost you $295 (almost the cost of an extra monitor). You can grab these gadgets at Herman Miller or Logitech’s sites now. 

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Embody Gaming Chair specs