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The question is if you are skinny, yes you are and it keep remind you of that believe me you got an inferiority complex, you always dream and plan how to look handsome, muscular, attractive and eye catching everywhere you walk around, what it need to do that the money, wealth, celebrity ad what else, no, not that for me it’s your body shape, your body structure, despite all you have if you don’t have a good body, nothing looks good on you, until the apparels fits on body, so how to overcome the skinny problem, in all case one can easily come up with frustration.

Well, well, well, boys and even men who are not in shape or their physical appearance make them laugh of the town, or it makes them feel inferior in society, town, studying institutes and elsewhere. What to do, what really should be done, should they eat more and more, should work hard in gym or use the food supplement, but the real question is how and how, so here are some tips for skinny guys to gain muscles.

The first tip is fear not, firstly you have to overcome the anxiety of being a skinny, someone at some stage need to start or change, so let’s start and break the ice, the sooner you get over your nervousness, the earlier you succeed. Let’s start challenge yourself.  Make a proper plan and routine if you are willing to overcome your skinny problems and follow them strictly with punctuality.

The second one is to eat, and eat more but not everything, this is very sensitive stage, for skinny persons every one recommend to eat more and more but the most important thing is what to eat and what not to eat, don’t say yes to each and every thing on the name of getting yourself muscular, eat clean,  more meals should be taken more you gain the weight but what is more, that’s the question, so in this case one must go for the meat (chicken, beef) fish, proteins, eggs, milk, cheese. For example, if you weigh 170 pounds you have to take 170 grams. The simplest thing is to eat more than your body burns more calories, small and healthy meals are easier to eat and digest. You must take 3 to 4 meals a day. Other than these you must take caloric dense food like dried fruits, nuts etc.

Not only the solid food helps you to gain food, but liquids are also very useful, include blended food in your everyday diet plan, because it digests lot easier than the solid food. You can take weight gainer shakes with milk, oats, bananas, peanut butter and other whey protein in your blend food. The other important factor that comes in the eating and eating good, clean and healthy is estimation of calories what your taking every day, if you think being skinny you eat a lot, don’t think just track your calories, sometime you need to eat more than usual despite your stomach didn’t digest or you start thinking that I’m going to explode but you are not, make your habitual to increase the quantity of your meal every day or week so that try to force your stomach to accept more food. So, it is necessary to force your muscles outside of your comfort zone to get bigger, you need to force your stomach outside of its comfort zone until it starts accepting more food or calories.  So, start by adding a little bit more food each day and soon enough your stomach.

Now come to the gym, or you can say a workout in gym, the most important part of being a muscular, you need to understand that you are not professional body builder, so do the workout according to your body so chose the right and appropriate routing of workout in the gyms, here are some exercise and tips you may follow in your bodybuilding routine according to your body,

  • Barbell Back Squat
  • Chin-up
  • Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Dumbbell Single Arm Row
  • Barbell straight leg Deadlift
  • Cable Core Rotation
  • Sniff the floor Press Up
  • Barbell Bent over Row
  • Dumbbell Lunge

Bench presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, pull ups, and dips all better be staples in your routine if you want bigness. Other than these are many other workout exercises in the gym, here are just few of them to understand what and how many you have to do daily. So, it is advising to train better not harder.

The other tip includes that dot rely on the food supplements, un-natural and steroid food give you more harm than your body shaping and building, so in order to take any supplement you need to consult the adviser or food expert on that.

After eating and working-out in the gyms, your body needs to relax, so you must need a rest, which is very important to you and to your health, give your body a proper and required rest, eight-hour sleep is more than good for growth-hormone release.

Keeping in record of your work-out in gym and number of calories you are taken, the log or record helps you in your progress to gain more weight or to be muscular, so it helps you to add more weight or reps.

So, in short, all the above-mentioned tips, plus your behavior and manner or being you treated yourself in order to get out this skinny problem, you must have patience, don’t be frustrated in case you are failing to gain your weight, be consistent and you should know what you are doing. Stay focused and help yourself to feel better.