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Squats, deadlifts, bench presses – it doesn’t matter what lift you’re doing; they all need to be set upright. We all have our unique way of changing weight plates when the barbell is on the ground. By loading your weight bar correctly, you’ll not only be protecting the equipment, but you’ll also avoid any injury or awkward stares down at the gym. In this article, we will tell you how to load, offload, and change the weight plates on the barbell with minimum effort and without any risk of muscle injury.

Barbell Jack is the best solution possible for changing the weight plates on the barbell. Keep reading to know how to use it.

Barbell Jack for Changing Weight Plates

Step 1: Hook

Hook the Barbell Jack not further from the knurl marks of the bar from the side you would like to add or remove the weight plates.

How to Use Barbell Jack

Step 2: Pull

Pull the Barbell Jack inwards until it is in a vertical position.

Removing weight plates

Step 3: Change

Add or remove the weight plates, then push the jack back outwards to unhook.

Changing Weight Plates

For a more clear understanding and demonstration, watch the video below.