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Instagram Officially launched a test on its service for simpler and bolder profile. According to them, the users where they share about their own information, on Instagram is been testing. This test is being run to make new ways for users to express themselves better and more easily connect with the people you care about on your profile.

So, during next few weeks, Insta users can see features re-arranged at the top of their profile. These features includes, changes to icons, buttons and the way users navigate between tabs to make profiles easier and cleaner to use. But on the other hand, the photos and videos will be shared on the grid will not change.

The Details

Well, it seems that Twitter isn’t the only social network playing with profile changes.  Recently, Instagram is also testing profile page changes intended to make these bio sections “easier and cleaner to use.” The particular tweaks will differ, but you could see changes to buttons, icons and navigation tabs. Users will see the test run for the “next several weeks,” which changes based on feedback.

According to the test, the major notable change in design or redesign is that follower count appears to be de-emphasized. As they will be no longer at the top of your profile and are in a much smaller font. Not only to the website but Twitter recently made a similar change to its iOS app as well. the social network is now more concern with the authenticity on its platform as well, as the company also recently started cracking down on fake followers, comments, and likes.

Photos Are Safe

While, the “Follow” and “Message” buttons is placed next to each other and the user will be able to see the mutual followers when they tap on a user’s Following tab. The grid, posts, and tagged photos icons are now written out, and it appears IGTV might be getting its own tab. For business accounts, there’s a Shop tab, in addition to buttons like “Directions,” “Call,” and “Start Order.”

Despite all, the company didn’t outline its reasons for conducting the test. However, it’s not necessarily following the same goals as Twitter. That service has been rethinking the fundamentals as it reacts to criticism, including concerns that it over-emphasized numbers like follower counts. Instagram doesn’t have quite the same case.