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The most anticipated release of Apple’s new iPhone is coming closer and Apple’s diehard fans are eager to know what they are going to get in this latest smartphone. Apple is continuously in the news that it is going to announce its iPhone 13 release date very soon. However, it isn’t clear yet that either the new iPhone will be named iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s. From the rumors circulating in the past few months, it can be now clearly stated that the new iPhone will have iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini.

According to our insiders, the rumored features for iPhone 13 show that there will be 4 sizes with smaller notch, faster A15 Bionic chip and larger battery life is also expected from new upcoming releases. The 2 colors are expected to be there for the new release.

Everything about iPhone 13 Release


As apple keeps the prices of new releases almost similar to previous versions so the prices for iPhone 13 are expected to be similar to that of the iPhone 12. The cheapest one which is the mini version is expected to be $699 while the Pro Max one is about $1099 to be the maximum price for upcoming releases.

iPhone 13 price


The design expected is almost similar to iPhone 12 with a slight change in just the rear camera design. The rumored color versions are pink and orange but we can expect some shades similar to earlier released products such as purple, black and white.

iPhone 13 design

According to some of the details we got from industry insiders about size, we can assume that the sizes and screen resolutions will be the same as previous ones but iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be having a smoother display of images. Camera updates are also expected in iPhone 13.

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Storage and Battery

The most important thing is that iPhone 13 is expected to have 1 TB storage which will make it the largest iPhone size ever. Another noticeable thing about this new release is battery life. This iPhone is expected to have a 3,095 mAh battery as compared to that of iPhone 12 which was 2,805 mAh.

iPhone 13 features and comparison chart

One of the leaks also shows that Apple may introduce an under-display fingerprint scanner which can be seen in Android smartphones. This will be an additional feature for this upcoming release along with the Face ID. It will make this product more interesting and secure due to dual biometric authentication.

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The Controversy

One of the reasons for the delay in the release can be the name for the product which is the iPhone 13. As the number 13 is considered an unlucky number in many parts of the world, maybe Apple wants to skip the 13 number from the name for the new iPhone and name it as iPhone 12s. The ‘s’ model depicts that it’s having the same features as the earlier one with few improvements.

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Now coming to the charging feature, the iPhone 13 will have 2W charging and whereas the previous version was having 20W charging. This leak doesn’t sound reliable as it’s from some Chinese source. The iPhone 13 may have reverse wireless charging.

As each newer iPhone brings a newer version of an operating system, so this time iOS 15 is expected. The top feature for iOS 15 is FaceTime. Some leaks also show that it may have improved 5G with the new modem.

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iPhone 13 features an improved 5G modem

iPhone 13 Release Date

Now last but not least that we all are anticipating, the most important of all is when it is going to be released. Most likely, it is going to be released in September 2021 but the exact date isn’t out yet. However, our insiders say that their guess is about the 7th or 14th of September 2021 for the iPhone 13 release date.

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Whereas some of the other reports say that if Apple follows the same release patterns as earlier then iPhone 13 is more likely to be launched in the 3rd or 4th week of September 2021 or 24th September 2021. However, these all are rumors so it is not confirmed yet about the exact release date, still, we can expect it in September 2021.

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iPhone 13 Release Date