Well, Microsoft has launched the cheaper version of the Surface Book 2 with 15 inch. The new model swaps the Core i7 CPU for a Core i5 and drops the dedicated GTX 1060 GPU. However, at $2000, the Core i5 Surface Book 2 15 has Core i7/GTX 1060 model is a mere $200 more. It seems that the cheaper Surface Book 2 is virtually identical to its more expensive brother save for two components.

Microsoft’s own pricing will surely cut into sales of the cheaper model; the Core i7/GTX 1060 model is actually for $2200. Alongside that Microsoft promises the all day battery as well.

Microsoft’s 15-inch Surface Book 2

The CPU has been cut from an 8th gen Intel Core i7-8650U to an Intel Core i5-8350U, and the dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU has been cut. Due to these sacrifices, the cheaper Surface Book 2 only costs US $2000, or $500 cheaper than the Core i7/GTX 1060 Surface Book 2.

Additionally, a “budget” 15-inch Surface Book 2 doesn’t make much sense when the similarly-spaced 13-inch model is $1100-1300. Therefore, it’s not likely that consumers on a budget would consider a slightly larger display worth the $700-900 increase.

The $1,999 version has 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It includes a seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor, a step back from the more expensive Core i7 configuration. Like the other Core i5 Surface Book 2 models, it has Intel’s integrated graphics, rather than a dedicated GPU.

Previously, the base Surface Book 2 configuration with a 15-inch display was an 8th-Generation Intel Core i7 with dedicated Nvidia graphics, 16GB of memory. Besides that it also has different options for solid-state storage (SSD) capacity. The new configuration fits a 7th-Generation Intel Core i5 with integrated graphics, 16GB of RAM and a single option for 256GB of SSD.

Other than this, the new model costs almost double the 13.5-inch base model at its currently discounted price of $1,049. An increase of $950 is a lot to just get a little extra screen space, 8GB of extra RAM, and 128GB of extra storage.