Microsoft is alleged to be revealing its next, more affordable next-gen Xbox console this month, and it seems like it will surely be named Xbox Series S. We have got photos of Microsoft’s latest next-gen Xbox controller in white, complete with packaging that states the Xbox Series S. A Twitter user Zak S was able to buy the controller, and we’ve verified that it’s genuine. Here is what we know about Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console.

The brand-new controller was sold on a resale site and the side of the packaging records that the controller works with both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Microsoft has not formally revealed an Xbox Series S yet, nor has the corporation even approved a white Xbox Series X controller.

Xbox Series S

A unique white Xbox Series X controller also surfaced online last month, finished with the new D-pad, textured triggers, and different share buttons. This latest leak resembles the former controller leak, and retail packaging implies that these could be arriving in stores shortly.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S will possibly be Microsoft’s next more economical next-gen Xbox, that’s been codenamed, Lockhart. A Microsoft report leaked back in June, added some further information on the company’s strategies for two next-gen consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X devkit, codenamed “Dante,” enables game developers to enable a particular Lockhart mode that has a profile of the performance that Microsoft needs to hit with this second console.

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The Lockhart console is supposed to introduce 7.5GB of usable RAM, around 4 teraflops of GPU performance, and ship with the same CPU seen on the Xbox Series X. Microsoft is supposed to be revealing the Xbox Series S sometime in August, and it will hopefully play an important role in the company’s Xbox All Access subscription plans that bundle an Xbox console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass) for a monthly fee.

Xbox Series S
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