Well the future is unpredictable and so it the future technology. But some new every now and then, people when see a new tech they think it is the latest one and what changes can be done in the future. As the new modern hi tech airplanes has already made the impact, and now technology is changing their wings as well. The future airplane will have NASA and MIT Morphing Airplane Wings. These are the future airplane wings. A team of engineers of NASA and MIT students comes out with a new kind of wings, composed of hundreds of individual pieces that are lighter and more energy-efficient.

These future Airplane wings are made from tiny, identical polymer tiles. These are connected by struts, the new mechanical “metamaterial” for faster, economical aircraft production and maintenance.

NASA and MIT Morphing Airplane Wings

As it says that the future tech will be simple, innovative and moreover cost effective. On the topic of Airplane wings, it is complex subject as wings have complicated and specialized structures. They are e expensive to design, build, and maintain.

In order to do their job, they require an intricate system of control surfaces, motors, cables, and hydraulics to function so that a rigid wing can use rigid control surfaces that slide and tilt to control the flow of air passing over them. That’s why Airplanes are expensive.

The best features of the wings are that they are responsive to the environment and conditions out there. Early it’s upto pilot’s skills and ability to change the direction during landing and taking off. But these NASA and MIT Morphing Airplane Wings have ability to make it easier for the pilot to control the airplanes.

In other words, rather than a pilot adjusting the wing for the given situation, the aircraft could monitor the aerodynamic loading conditions.  They will automatically adjust the wing shape for optimal efficiency on an ongoing basis.