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The OnePlus 9 launch hoped to be just over a week away, but we’ve already had a flash of what to foresee from the OnePlus 9 Pro as pictures of the handset surfaced on the company’s Twitter account. The OnePlus UK Twitter account shared the following teasers for the forthcoming phone that bestows virtually all the angles you wish to see about the OnePlus 9 Pro design.

It also apparently confirms a new color variant called Morning Mist. Will it be the one of the best smartphones? Here is the OnePlus 9 Pro design released by the company.

OnePlus 9 Pro Design

We have already seen the camera module of this latest flagship in other glimpses released by the company, but this is the first time we have seen the smartphone in such detail from the company’s official channels.

Morning Mist appears to be a pensive glass design with a white effect in these shots, but still, it is not sure if that’s the effect from the snowy scene they’re shot on or actually the color of the phone.

OnePlus 9 Pro Design

OnePlus has also started an association with famous camera brand Hasselblad in an endeavor to enhance the color calibration on its devices.

The phone also has sleek edges on the screen as well as on the back of the device. That hasn’t been completely obvious in early information from the firm, but matches leaks we’ve seen in recent weeks.

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The camera module on the OnePlus 9 Pro has four lenses, and it has the Hasselblad logo advertised on the camera too. We know the OnePlus 9 Pro will introduce a Sony IMX789 sensor and an ultra-wide camera.

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March 23 is the most awaited launch event for the OnePlus 9 Pro, and while we anticipate discovering more in the coming week, as the company proceeds to present glimpses of its smartphones, you can anticipate learning everything about the new smartphones then.

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