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The Samsung Firevase is a flower vase that you literally throw at a fire like a grenade in order to put it out. It is produced by a Samsung subsidiary called Cheil Worldwid. Meet the Firevase, it holds beautiful flowers. And, if needed, you can also throw this at the fire in the home; it will work as fire extinguisher.

Samsung Firevase works using an outer chamber filled with potassium carbonate that quickly cools and suppresses oxygen when the vase is smashed. A smaller inner chamber then holds the water for your flowers.

Samsung Firevase

The company gave away 100,000 of the vases as part of a marketing campaign promoting the use of fire extinguishers.  Well, it works differently and definitely. The flower vase’s structure includes a chemical that extinguishes fires. If you have one of these and a fire breaks out in the home, you can throw it directly to fire.

After that, the vase will then explode and release expanding potassium carbonate, which will keep the fire from much-needed oxygen and kill the flames. Now the company is doubling down on the fire safety campaign, producing an additional 200,000 of their multipurpose vases.

While at looking at the first time, it’s hard to distinguish it from ordinary flower vase. But it actually contains two chambers. The inner chamber serves the standard vase purpose and the outer one is filled with potassium carbonate, a chemical that acts as an oxygen suppressant. So, it has a dual function and purposefully made to perform the safety of the house. Keep it for the home decoration with flowers and use it in the time of emergency as well.