The Polaris RZR dominated the trails, but now there’s a new sheriff in town. The 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP Collection consists of three trim levels of ATVs flexing brute strength and professional-grade performance. Whether you choose the Pro XP, Pro XP Premium, or the Pro XP Ultimate, you’re in for a treat. According to Polaris, the RZR Pro XP Collection is the most capable and versatile RZRs the company has ever built.

The all terrain RZR is a completely new design from the ground up with an all new chassis, a new spacious cab and 181 HP.

Polaris RZR Pro XP

This vehicle also says that the new wheelbase (96 inches, 6 inches longer than the previous generation) comes with “better agility, including improvements in off-tracking, ramp over angle, and turning radius” without giving any sort of figures to support that statement.

The company Polaris is known for making badass off-road toys, so let’s say they’ve earned the right to brag. In case of the RZR Pro XP, you’re looking at a machine that’s been redesigned from the ground up. Its heart – a 181-horsepower ProStar gasoline engine – is tuned to give its best performance in the 20-50 mph speed range.

The new Polaris RZR Pro XP looks like it came from a Predator movie thanks in part to the V-shaped LED headlights and overly-aggressive front grille that renders any Lexus’ front end obsolete.

Each of the Pro XP models boasts 181 horsepower, 96-inch wheelbase with axles eight times stronger and a drive system that’s three times stronger than the previous iteration. And all of the models have a 14.5-inch clearance, so you can handle all the trail elements. If you want the ultimate adventure ride, invest in the Pro XP Ultimate with its DYNAMIX 2.0 & FOX Shocks, 30-inch MAXXIS Carnivore 2.0 tires, Ride Command 7-inch display, and Xtreme Performance Isolated true on-demand AWD/2WD.