There is no official confirmation regarding specs and release date of 2019 iPhone has been confirmed by Apple. But there is leaked news about the 2019 iPhone specification. According to the specification information, it seems Apple’s 2019 flagships have variety of upgrades. It includes a new design to enhanced features. Here’s everything we know about the device so far.

With rumors suggesting that Apple will make 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones along with a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. On the other hand, no name has been finalized; Apple may the new iPhones, iPhone XI or iPhone 11.

The 2019 iPhone

The diagram seems to show the back of the iPhone, with a tri-lens camera in the top left-hand corner arranged in a square. If the schematic turns out to be real, then Apple may have decided against the triple-lens camera being arranged in the middle of the back of the device. A triple-lens camera has the potential to include benefits like better 3D sensing for augmented reality purposes, 3x optical zoom capabilities, up from 2x optical zoom in the 2018 iPhones, and better performance in low light.

With rumors, Apple is expected to continue using OLED displays for the 2019 devices.  And while some rumors suggest Apple may go with all OLED lineup. And there are rumors that Apple will stick with LEDs because of the high price of OLED displays.

All 2019 iPhones are likely to adopt upgraded A13 chips from TSMC, Apple’s chip supplier. Chip upgrades typically bring improved performance and efficiency, and the A13 will be no different.

While the rumors says the next-generation 6.5-inch iPhone will feature a triple-lens rear camera. The eventual 3D camera system will tie into Apple’s work on ARKit, with the company having introduced ARKit 2.0 as part of iOS 12 with improved face tracking, support for 3D object detection and realistic rendering. There are many rumors surrounding the introduction of USB Type-C; but despite early rumors suggesting this year’s iPhone could use the universal connection.