We are living in a digital and technological world. We all almost certainly spend more time reading and working on the computer screen, so we need computer glasses. With smartphone use, computer use, and tablets becoming commonplace at home and at work. Alongside that, users have started to notice some of the negative side effects of technology. Intensive kind of web surfing make the eyes strain and make them dry.

If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself from screen glare and blue light, you need computer glasses. And without having to compromise your digital lifestyle, what you need is a pair of non-prescription computer glasses.

Truvision computer glasses

The Truvision Readers may not be prescription, but their anti-reflective coating and blue-tinted lenses will help you filter out blue light. It will help to avoid computer vision syndrome without having to go to an eye doctor. If you are already suffering from Presbyopia, these computer reading glasses can also assist with blurred vision caused by too much screen time.

Computer reading glasses J and S

J and S Vision do a huge job of creating high-quality computer glasses without sacrificing style. Though these spectacles have the same slight yellow tint you’d expect, your eyes don’t get overpowered by the color. They are also very comfortable to wear, so don’t be surprised if you completely forget you have them on your face

Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses

These yellow-tinted reading glasses come with everything you need to protect yourself from digital devices. They also feature an ergonomic memory flex frame. You can choose between different levels of lens magnification depending on what you need to combat blue light specific vision problems and eye fatigue. The yellowish coating on each lens protects each eye, providing for more comfortable reading on the computer.

Trust Optics Glasses

Well many eyeglass companies tend to focus on the harmful blue light emitted from computers, so it’s easy to forget that any LED screen can cause eye strain and blurred vision. These gaming glasses will protect your eyes during those seemingly endless gaming sessions. Though, they can also be used for reading if you find yourself in front of a computer screen trying to read an article.