As the technology is changing everything and make them smarter and impactful. With the revolution everywhere in tech industry, there is revolution in drones or quad copter technology as well. Presenting the new drone ADIFO, it is half flying saucer and half quad-copter. At low speed ADIFO fly like a quad-copter but when giving more acceleration it acts like a flying saucer or jet plane.

According to the Romanian maker, ADIFO, or the All-DIrectional Flying Object, is a flying machine designed “to change the actual paradigm of flight.”

ADIFO Flying Machine

The maker Razvan Sabie worked with other partners and come up with new design and shape of usual drones or quad-copter. The unique idea makes them develop the concept. And after that, they are able to build a working prototype with a 1.2-meter (3.9-ft) diameter for testing.

In short, the ADIFO is a disc-shaped aircraft whose entire surface is a wing. Specifically, it’s shaped to mimic the back half of a dolphin airfoil, radiating out in all directions from the center. The outer edge tapers to a thin ring, making it extremely slippery in horizontal flight.

There are also two jets on the back that allows horizontal thrust.  And which can also vector individually to achieve a high degree of agility in level flight. while, the VTOL and slow speed movements are controlled by the four ducted fans,allowing the ADIFO work like a regular quad-copter drone. At high speeds, small discs can come out and cover over the quad-copter fans for an even smoother profile, and likewise the legs can retract.

While talking about its further specifications, the two lateral thrust nozzles are pointed out to each side. And this works like the reaction control system thrusts on a spacecraft. In horizontal flight, these allow the ADIFO to quickly push itself sideways in either direction, or to rotate extremely quickly as it flies.this new flying machine has maneuvering capabilities unmatched by anything else in the air, without the need for separate wings, ailerons, rudders or flaps