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Big things come in small packages. Insta360 has just unveiled its latest tiny 360-degree camera that can shoot videos in gigantic 6K resolution. Named ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition is basically a straight upgrade to Insta360’s ONE RS camera that was announced in March 2022. The new camera is divided into five main parts: the 360-degree lens itself, a lens cap, a mounting bracket, a battery, and a ONE RS Core.

The ONE RS 1-inch 360 might not be the affordable option for many. Since it’s a refined version of its predecessor, it is cost at USD $800.

Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch

As the name suggests, this latest tool comes with a lumpier 360 lens module powered by two 1-inch CMOS sensors, and these are competent for capturing at higher resolutions — up to 6K for 360 videos, or up to 21 megapixels for 360 photos. The 1-inch 360 Edition is also competent in shooting in low-light conditions thanks to this module. This is also the world’s first 360 camera to be co-designed with Leica.

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Unlike the standard One RS kit (with either the new “4K Boost Lens” or the regular “360 Lens”), this “1-inch 360 Edition” uses a vertical body to adapt the larger lens module. From top to bottom: lens, core (with a touchscreen), then a vertical battery.

Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch

The device also incorporates a new PureShot HDR mode for photos. This mode utilizes AI and auto-exposure to boost image quality. AI automates the editing process via Insta360 Shot Lab, the company claims.

And the last significant change is the battery pack – called the Vertical Battery Base – which Insta360 claims to extend the lifespan. Without the pack, the 360 edition has a 1350mAh battery.

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There are also some physical add-ons you can connect to the 360 Edition. Apart from the Battery Base, there’s a Quick Reader that you can use to transfer files to your phone. And a Mic Adapter, which enables the camera to connect to a 3.5mm microphone.

Since it’s renovated with some new features, the ONE RS 1-inch 360 doesn’t come cheap. Honestly speaking it’s one of the most expensive 360 cameras out there starting at $799.99.

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ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition