It says that an efficient and multiple devices charging device is the biggest relief for the users. The AirAlly is a 4-in-1 device is charging solution for multiple devices. It’s being marketed as an Apple AirPower alternative. Besides that this charger is capable of charging an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Apple AirPods at the same time. Thus, the power bank gets all of them charged altogether.

On the other hand, its AirPods 1/2 charger includes a handy magnetic case to keep the buds safe. So, get rid of cables, USB wall plug-ins and other charging devices.

AirAlly 4-in-1 Rechargeable Device

Well, this power bank takes all your stress and issue that comes with charging the apple devices individually. The company says that this is a stress reliever. AirAlly is fast, convenient. Besides that it uses 10w wireless and 18w PD charging which is faster than normal apple charger.

The wireless rechargeable device is able to hold power. That makes it perfect to use whether or not you have an outlet. On the other hand, its 10,000AM power bank can charge your AirPods 130 times, your Apple Watch 16 times, and your iPhone XS 2.3 times without needing to be plugged in. So, the AirAlly is ideal for your home, office, and while you’re on vacation. Not only is it powerful enough to charge all your devices at once, but it’s suitable design makes it compact enough to fit into your purse, backpack, or even the pocket.

On the other hand, this Apple charger takes one and half hour to charge and it display when your devices are charges. Besides that once it’s charged, the Air Ally has ten thousand milliamps of power, with the capacity to recharge your iPhone XR twice, Apple Watch 16 times, and AirPods 130 times.