Out of strange things, one strange thing is the antibacterial shirt; it is strange as it is made out of milk. U.S-based startup by the name of Mi Terro is taking some of that milk and using it to create T-shirts, that reportedly have some big advantages over regular cotton Tees. These are called Limitless Milk Shirts and starts with a reservoir of waste milk that has been processed to render a powder of the case in protein.

The process starts by obtaining waste milk that gets fermented and then skimmed, removing its fat content.

Limitless Milk Shirts

It is subsequently dewatered, resulting in powdered milk that gets purified to remove all substances other than a naturally-occurring protein known as casein. The powdered casein is next immersed in alkali, producing a solution that is passed through a spinneret to create fibers. Sulfuric acid is then used to remove the alkali from those fibers, which are finally stretched and spun into yarn.

On the other hand, the campaign is started on the Kickstarter. According to the reports, these shirts are soft, silk-like feel, while also being antibacterial, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, UV-blocking, and stretchable in every direction. Additionally, because if its micro-pockets in the material, the shirt reportedly traps odors and allows for optimized airflow, helping to keep the wearer cool and non-stinky.

The company Mi Terro said that every five shirts represent one glass of milk that would otherwise have been wasted.

While, coming to its making, the process for Mi Terro commenced by procuring the waste milk that is fermented. And then skimmed, thus removing its fat content. It is then dewatered, leaving in powdered milk that is then purified for the sake of removing all substances other than the naturally-occurring protein that is known as casein. Moving forward, Mi Terro immerses this powdered casein in alkali. The resulting solution is then passed through a spinneret for creating fibers.