After many problems and users complaints, Apple is finally ditching the troubled butterfly keyboard. These keyboards were first introduced in 2015’s 12-inch MacBook, features larger keys and far less travel than Apple’s previous keyboard designs. According to the reports Apple will introduce new scissor-switch design, which will use glass fiber to reinforce its keys. Besides that the first laptop to get the new keyboard will be a new MacBook Air model this year, and followed by a new MacBook Pro in 2020.

Despite the fact, the butterfly keyboard has the advantage of being very thin. And it is important when space is at such a premium in a modern laptop.

Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Earlier, Apple has revised its butterfly design no less than three times, with the introduction of various membranes under the keys. Not only had that inducted the new materials for the key mechanisms as well. But it seems nothing is working properly as would customers and company wanted to be. However, none of these changes have been able to truly rectify the problem.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says, “We predict that the butterfly keyboard may finally disappear in the long term.” Thus, Apple is unable to overcome the keyboard’s problems, which can see keys act erratically or completely stop working as dust and other particles find their way into the mechanism. After that, company apologized for the keyboard’s reliability issues earlier this year. Apple admitted that a “small number” of users were experiencing issues with the keyboard, then in its third generation. They tried to save the face by launching an extended repairs program for earlier versions of the keyboard.

The Apple analyst says that the new keyboard “could improve the typing experience by offering longer key travel.” He also says that the butterfly switch design is expensive for the company to manufacture due to its low yields. However, although the new scissor switch design will reportedly be cheaper, it won’t be as cheap as an average laptop keyboard.