Apple’s new Logic Pro X is music editing app to support the new workstation’s many cores. It’s there to handle up to a whopping 56 processing threads. Not only that it supports up to 1,000 audio tracks and software instrument tracks. While the other DAWs already have some of these functions, Ableton supports unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, for example, and Pro Tools has 512 aux channels. Additionally, this new version of Logic supports 12 sends per channel strip.

Apple has launched an updated version of Logic Pro X, its professional music production software. The software is now souped up to show off the capabilities of the new Mac Pro, with improved responsiveness.

Apple new Logic Pro X

According to the company, this new Logic Pro X is there for the professional and editors. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to adopt it. The upgrade is free if you already have Logic Pro X, while newcomers can buy it for $200 from the Mac App Store.

The updated software also handles up to 1,000 auxiliary channel strips, 1,000 external MIDI tracks and 12 sends for every channel strip. The software should be leaner, too, with a more responsive Event List and Mixer as well as better efficiency for compositions with plenty of Flex Time and tempo changes.

The company advertises this version of Logic as specifically optimized for the Mac Pro. Therefore, it can handle much more complex and CPU-laden tasks. Apple says, the new Mac Pro, Logic can now run up to five times the number of real-time plug-ins compared to the previous generation Mac Pro. That’s where most everyday music producers should feel relief.