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According to the news report on the new device Apple’s next iPad, there is nothing much changed. Apples’s next iPad is retaining the Touch ID and a headphone jack. Well earlier, Apple’s iPad 9.7-inch was one of the best tablets launched last year. Reports say that Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad with larger in size this month.

Performance upgrades seem likely, with the A11 Bionic processor likely to be included. Apple iPad range tends to lag behind the iPhone range in processors, and with the expected low-cost nature of this iPad, the A11 Bionic seems likely.

Apple’s next iPad

The iPad 2019 will feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and will also still feature Touch ID. However, with the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor that seems less likely. It’s possible the high cost of implementing Face ID instead of Touch ID may have put Apple off upgrading the basic iPad’s looks for at least another year. Doubt has also been cast on the supposed 10-inch screen on the iPad 2019.

Apple’s next iPad may have features includes 4 speaker audio, A9X processor, Smart Connector with a Smart Keyboard, and the ability to doodle with Apple Pencil. “Internal prototypes of the smaller model include a 12 megapixel rear camera comparable to the sensor in the iPhone 6s. Besides the come with 4K video recording capabilities. That would increase the resolution to a mind-blowing 3112 × 2334, making it better than the iPad Pro’s 2732 x 2048 resolution.

These new rumors cast some doubts on previous wisdom that this year’s iPad would see a bezel-banishing redesign. the inclusion of both Touch ID and the headphone jack would imply that not much has changed from last year’s iPad.