Well, after a month or so, Apple has again upgraded its operation system and launched new iOS12.4. Besides that Apple’s Walkie Talkie is back as well. This update also adds improved wireless migration between iPhones. The company has updates its software for iOS, watchOS, and the HomePod as it prepares for much bigger releases with new features. On the other hand, company introduces “iPhone migration to directly transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone” during setup. Users can also expect enhancements to Apple News Plus and security improvements.

It also released WatchOS 5.3, includes a security fix for the Walkie-Talkie app on the watch and other functionality. The new WatchOS is a free download through the Apple Watch app.

Apple’s Walkie Talkie and iOS 12.4

Coming to recent updates, Apple’s watchOS 5.3 specify’s that the update “provides important security updates including a fix for the Walkie-Talkie app.”  The feature was notably disabled nearly two weeks ago after Apple discovered vulnerability. The first one is unspecified but was clearly serious enough for them to quickly pull one of the hallmark updates of watchOS 5.

On the other hand,this app allows two users to send short push-to-talk chat messages to one another. Its good path  to reduce the complexity of using the Apple Watch as a full-featured communications tool. No only that, it will boost the process of sending messages, rather than using voice transcription.

While, talking about iOS, the most important thing is that passwords. They are now included in the data transferred from an old iPhone to the new one. Earlier, passwords weren’t saved as part of iCloud backups for security and privacy reasons. There was an option to encrypt a device backup with iTunes to store passwords, but Apple likely wanted to come up with another option that didn’t require a computer being involved. The iOS 12.4 also improves Apple News Plus browsing by making it easier to access all participating publication.