Before the security cameras show, Arlo has announced its new Pro 3 cam. And this security camera features some better add-ons like new image sensor. Besides that the new Arlo Pro 3 captures footage at 2560x1440 (QHD) with support for HDR. Other than that, the camera has its own spotlight, which floods the area in light. In addition, it allows color night vision, so that, you’ll be able to make out colors and other details in the dead of night. With the 30 days if cloud video storage capacity, Arlo claims that rechargeable Arlo Pro 3 offers between three to six months of battery life.

It is the first Arlo Pro camera to adopt the design and features of Arlo’s high-end Ultra camera. And the two-camera set is $500.

Arlo’s Pro 3 Security Cam

While, speaking of it specs, the security camera is equipped with some serious features and it has some best tech specs to have.  Besides that, coming to video camera quality, The Arlo Pro 3 has 2K HDR resolution and adds several features that were only associated to expensive cameras. These features are built-in alarm, spotlight, Wi-Fi and color night vision.

But if you are interest in 4K version, you have to pay $400 for single camera. Other than these features, talking about security camera specs, it has a 160-degree field of view, with better improvement of 130-degree field of view in the previous iteration. Not only that, you can have better communication with this security cameras as well. The company says that it has full duplex microphones that allow for more natural back-and-forth chatter.

Besides being completely wireless, the camera is IP65-certified water and dust resistant, makes it best to use outdoors. You can mount the camera either magnetically or using a built-in screw-in mechanism. Not only that, with zoom in and out options, because of integrated spotlight, which can be activated automatically whenever the Pro 3 detects motion in an activity zone. With that, user will have color night vision. So, there will be no black-and-white video clips of after-hours activity on your doorstep. Then there’s the motion-activated siren, which can help frighten off potential intruders.