Asus unveiled the most graphically-powerful laptop ever, the ProArt StudioBook One. It has an amazing boasting 24 GB GPU. Besides that, it is the first laptop which features NVIDIA’s class-leading Quadro RTX 6000 pro graphics. This laptop turns out that it had a Performance score of 24,438, which makes it faster than 98 percent of all computers it’s ever benchmarked. On the other hand, ASUS hasn’t unveiled pricing or release date but NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 card alone costs $4,000+ depending on the configuration.

Earlier, few days Nvidia announced its Quadro RTX 5000, its most powerful mobile workstation GPU to date.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook One

While, coming to its specifications, with a 15.6-inch display has an 84 percent screen-to-body ratio. That ratio is perfect for the gaming laptop. Besides that its 16:9, 120Hz 4K display is Pantone Validated, with 100 percent Adobe RGB and is covered in Gorilla Glass 5 for added durability.

The laptop has a 2.4GHz Intel Core i9-9980HK, 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD. That Quadro RTX 6000 itself comes with 24GB of its own GDDR6 RAM. Other than this Asus and Nvidia claim the data scientists and content creators who need the power will love the StudioBook One.

The laptop also debuts an enhanced version of Nvidia’s Optimus technology. This means that it automatically handles switching between the integrated GPU and discrete GPU in a laptop to extend battery life. Other than these specs, laptop is equipped three USB-C ports with full Thunderbolt 3 support. Well, it does not have any SD card reader, no legacy USB-A ports, and no headphone jack as well. The StudioBook One has thin Titanium-based vapor chambers for circulating air. For this, Asus claims dispel heat better, and a 90Wh battery tucked into the laptop’s 25mm thickness.