The modern world is getting advance and becoming “Apps” oriented. Today the people are more conscious for the fitness and health progress. They want to know each and everything about themselves. For that there are lot more brands who are introducing their fitness trackers and other stuff. But when it comes to get the fitness goals, Fitbit is best among all. They have vast range of variety from the activities, your exercising routine, meal, weight and your sleep. So there are best ways that can help you to have fitter or healthier life and which makes you more active.

So, if you want a smart-watch, needed a tracker band or something you can fit in to your pocket, Fitbit has everything according to your convenience. Fitbit has incredible choice of stylish bands. Its one part where Fitbit improved a lot. Here are some of Fitbit app that are very helpful regarding your health and fitness.

Fitbit Charge 3

With the most advanced technology, the Fitbit introduces charge 3 for fitness tracing. The charge 3 other than tracking your heart rate 24/7, it helps you to achieve goal-based exercises, helps you to burn calories, you can track your swimming laps and pace as it is water proof. It is also with auto sleeping tracking, helps you, how to get better rest, smart-phone notifications and with 7 days battery.

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic is smart-watch, which has in-built GPS system to help track the rides, calculate the runs without using the phone. Ionic is a personal coach for you, as it reminds all day activity, from steps calculation to burn calories rate. Reminder to achieve personal goals, water proof, help to track laps and speed, track specific workouts to see real-time stats on screen. You can have snapshot of your cardio fitness level, you can store music and play in your ionic smart-watch with Bluetooth as well. With this ionic watch you can have more reach for apps like weather, sports and others. It has function to track automatically about your exercises like sports & aerobic. It tracks precise workouts to see real-time stats on screen and you can also use it to make payments as well.

Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria 2 is most accurate Wi-Fi smart measurement scale. It provides you best results with a smarter scale that automatically keep the record of your weight, percentage of fat in the body, body max index, and lean mass. Helps you to track trends with charts and graphics. This scale can recognize 8 users with privacy locks, so that only you can see it. You can synchronize it wireless, and by the use of Bluetooth, you can set the scale with your smart-phone which then Aria 2 automatically synchronize your stats over Wi-Fi.

Fitbit Flex 2

It is smart and slimmest wristband, with removable tracker fits in band with waterproof quality. When it was released, the Flex 2’s main claim to Fitbit fame was that it was waterproof, making it a unique product in the Fitbit’s fitness range. With this band, you can record your steps, travel distance, burn calorie ratio, activities time. Other than this, flex itself helps you to track running, sports and aerobic workouts. It is swim proof and you can connect with calls and text notifications, with long battery time.

Fitbit Coach App

Now with this Fitbit Coach app, you can achieve your fitness anytime, anywhere. This training application allows you access to huge collection of updated video workouts and with audio coaching. It gives you liberty to choose exercise sessions from 7 to 60 minutes, with choice of number of trainers and other activities levels in English and other languages as well. This app also features with 7 radio audio stations to pick from indoor to outdoor workouts.

Fitbit Zip

The Zip pod is an option for people who desire to have their wrists simple. Now for those people this Fitbit zip can be clipped with the bag, or with belt or just put it in the pocket. It tracks the steps, distance you traveled number of calories you burned in a day. It keeps the record for six month as well.