With lot more labor required as the industries around the world are increasing their production. So, bigger demand needs higher the labor. Recently in order to meet the labor work UC Berkeley comes up with Blue robotic manipulator. This specialized robot is equipped with artificial intelligence. Robots may have ability for super-human strength and precision, but they still struggle with some basic human tasks.

But the meet the Blue robot, a new low-cost, human-friendly robot conceived and built by Berkeley. It is designed to use recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep reinforcement learning to master complicated human tasks.

Blue Robotic Manipulator

Blue robotic manipulator made from bulky, 3D-printed parts, and it has a pair of humanoid robot arms with pincers for hands. Besides that, it is controllable with VR handsets, which allows operators to wave their arms about and then Blue will waves its arms. It can also be trained to manipulate objects using artificial intelligence, a control method that’s still surprisingly exceptional in robot.

Blue is a human-scale 7-degrees-of-freedom arm that will cost less than US $5,000. And experts believed that it will capable and affordable enough, to significantly accelerate research towards useful home robots. Its arms are as stiff like a human flexing, or very flexible, like a human relaxing, or anything in between. The layout of the arm is similar to a human arm, with three shoulder joints, one elbow joint, and three wrist joints. A simple parallel jaw gripper is included

On the other hand, with 8.7 kg weight, Blue robot is build around quasi-direct drive, or QDD, actuators. This offer robust force control, selectable impedance, and are highly back drivable. It has a B=brushless motors designed for drones drive a 7.125:1 single-stage reduction (a timing belt and gears with large plastic teeth under preload.

While, talking about its construction and mechanism, a custom motor driver boards it there, which is equipped with 14-bit absolute magnetic encoder for motor commutation.  Besides that, the QDD actuators make Blue both generally safe for humans to work around and flexible to damage.