Well Sony, LG and Samsung are making the giant screens but C Seed’s Carbon Fiber & Titanium 4K Outdoor TV is the world largest. This outdoor TV claims to be 301 inches, and gives you the powerful cinema impact in the house. Like its earlier 201 inch version, this TV also folds up to seven panels and lowers the TV and support column below ground when not in use. This indoor TV is made from a super light carbon fiber and titanium.

It says that in 25 seconds the TV gains a full height of 19 feet (6 meters) and the LED panels unfold in 40 seconds flat. These individual vertical panels interlock to form the screen that supports 4K resolution.

C Seed’s Carbon Fiber & Titanium 4K Outdoor TV

While, talking about the functionality and specs, the behemoth 4K home theater system can withstand winds of up to 30 mph. Not only has that it also retracted automatically if winds exceed that maximum limit. Other than this, it also gives extremely high viewing experience with 3,956,736 LEDs, a built-in sound system consisting of six speakers and three subwoofers.

Whereas the HDR technology, and a luminosity rating of 4,500 nits, meaning you can watch movies on in direct sunlight is hitting it. C Seed says that this is the world’s largest outdoor TV and you can pre-order for a whopping $1.5 million.

Besides that, its nearly four million LEDs process image data up to 100,000 times per second, allowing the 301 to display 281 trillion colors. The TV also has HDR technology, 4K video support and comes with a sound system of six broadband speakers and three subwoofers with total output power of 2,700 watts.