Now, the smart gadgets and gears are also making the impact with their outlook as well. After the multi color, shinning smartphone covers, there is converse sneakers that change colors when you step out in the sun. These sneakers changes colors according to the intensity of the sun and sunlight, you are walking in. So, Converse has teamed up with online retailer Chinatown Market to create two pairs of sneakers that gives you different shade according to light.

So, basically these shoes are UV-activated and therefore change colors in the sunlight. The shoe gives you the four color quadrants, giving it a rainbow look when they receive enough light to glow in full color.

Converse Sneakers

These shoes are delicate and practical when necessary, making them a bit more socially acceptable than a pair of flashing trainers. On the other hand, one quick dip in UV light ensures you’re ready to party. The shoe company, Converse launched the trainers in collaboration with US-based Company Chinatown Market. And while at first glance they appear to be white it just takes a little bit of UV light, from the sun, for example, to get the true colors shining through.

On the other hand, when exposed to direct sunlight, the shoe’s soft pastel green/pink canvas upper switches shades. It changes into a wild and whimsical combo of blue, orange, fuschia and purple

Besides that, when put under UV, a combination of blue, orange and pink emerge onto the material, transforming your feet into brilliant rainbows. It might prove difficult to find an outfit which complements the bright trainers but I think they’re definitely cool enough to risk a bit of color clashing. These Converses sneakers will be available in both high and low top styles, though you’ll have to splash out in order to get your hands on a pair, as the high version retails for $100 (£80), while the low costs $95.