In the era of wireless earbuds, the Decibullz Black Diamond True Wireless Earbuds are professional ones. This wireless gives you the on-the-go audio playback without compromising anything. These earbuds are easily customization to fit any ear shape so it stays snug no matter your movements. Separately from it being customization, the Decibullz Black Diamond also provides distortion-free and crystal clear sound.

This Decibullz true wireless earphone has connectivity with help go Bluetooth.  It got a 5.0 Bluetooth update version. Not only that, these earbuds gives you the sic hours of listening. And you will have with 25 hours additional time, due to its magnetic charging case.

Black Diamond True Wireless Earbuds

The rapid charging feature allows the users to have an hour listening with 10 minutes charging. While with 30 minutes charges, you can have listening hours up to 5.Coming to the functionality, there are touch controls on the left and right side if earbuds.  With these touch control, you can attend the phones calls; listen to the music or playback music. But earbuds allows you to have Google and Alexa voice commands. These earbuds black diamond’s has IPX7 waterproof and dustproof safety. So you can walk, run and allows you to work in gym.

It features a technology with thermo fit, which make the exact fitting of the earbuds in ears. While the many true wireless earphones will either sit in the ear or be held lightly in place by putting pressure on the outer ear. But Decibullz earphones have a moldable, thermoplastic fin. It needs a pre-soak in hot water to get the perfect molding for a super secure fit. The earphones will hold their shape until they are reheated for another custom fit. This means no earpieces are the same since they are unique to each user.

Audio playback is well-balanced, clean, and influential as well. Similarly, these earbuds adapt to your personal listening style. It features a built-in digital audio pass through that lets you to hear ample noise when you want to or tune them out completely when you don’t.