The research and with innovative equipment, the human life is getting better and providing many solutions. With health fits apps, to fitness gadgets and much more have came up to improve the health of humans. Now the there is new wristband called HopeBand, which now alarms you and inform you, if you have taken an overdose. HopeBand is the basically a project of students at Carnegie Mellon. This outcome band will could save lives.

The HopeBand, a wristband will senses the low blood oxygen levels and then it will sends a text message and sounds an alarm if danger is imminent. Well, many people died because of opioid overdose each day in the world. This wristband will help to save the lives.


HopeBand is a wearable that can detect opioid overdoses. Besides the other solutions and precautions, one possible way to save lives may come from simple wearable. This is purposefully designed to identify overdoses among people addicted to the powerful and potentially deadly opioid painkillers.

This smart wristband is the outcome of Mellon University students, which named it the HopeBand. Coming to its working, the HopeBand sounds an alarm, flash red lights, and send out a text message alert with the wearer’s current location if it detects low blood oxygen levels.  According to the doctors, an early alert could give enough time for people to manage life-saving naloxone and overdose can be reserved. By doing that, it will help many people around the globe to save their and others lives.

According to one of the student of the project, “Imagine having a friend who is always watching for signs of overdose; someone who understands your usage pattern and knows when to contact [someone] for help and make sure you get help. That’s what the HopeBand is designed to do.”