As the technology is showing its wonders, so are the smart gadgets makers. In order to ease the wireless solution besides other works, Ebord solar-powered table is the new equipment for you. A Spanish start-up called Proton New Energy Future has unveiled Ebord, a smart table that has a wireless charger built into the entire surface. So, it allows charging multiple devices at once. Better yet, it harvests energy from the Sun or even artificial light.

Well, there is trend that phones and devices are able to be charged wirelessly these days. But that usually still requires a pad for each that takes up a power plug.

Ebord Solar-Powered Table

Coming to the wireless charger or table, the Ebord appears to be the novel looks like style furniture item. But there’s quite a bit of decent tech hidden under the hood. Besides that the other pieces of furniture with built-in wireless charging surfaces usually make do with one or two charging coils. This it suggests that user has to put the device down on a certain spot.

In order to overcome this problem, the solar powered table packs in more than 50 coils, letting users charge up to four devices anywhere on the top. Coming to the technical charging technique, The Ebord uses the Qi charging platform. Therefore, it works with the last few generations of iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. Not only that, it also works with the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL and flagship phones from Sony, Nokia, LG and others as well.

Besides the phones, the table is also useful for the other chargeable electronic devices. These devices include the most of smartwatches, tablets, earbuds and other devices all use Qi as standard too. On the other hand, the table also provides the solution for devices that aren’t directly supported; the table comes with two adapters.

The other thing is that, the table’s surface is photo-voltaic. It has a thin film panel that allows it to soak up sunlight and store it in a beefy 10 Ah battery. The company claims to have a patent on a membrane built with a protein from marine bacteria.