The Fitbit Versa Lite smartwatch edition is a new version of last year’s best-selling Fitbit Versa. But, it arrives with few features and somewhat lower price. It’s not the cheapest smartwatch, but it’s considerably less than the original price of the Versa. This all is to be done to make the user top priority choice in fitness wearables. On the other hand, it may also be a great way to jump into the world of wearable’s and start tracking your fitness.

There’s a touch screen on the front, and has a full color display. Fitbit is claiming the Versa Lite Edition will last for four days from a single charge.

Fitbit’s Versa Lite Smartwatch

Fitbit’s new Versa Lite smartwatch has the same “squircle”-shaped screen with the same-sized bezels. This lite Versa operates Fitbit OS, and it offers sleep and exercise trackers. Coming to its functions, the left hand side of the watch holds the only button that you’ll be using on the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, which will wake up the watch ready for you to cycle through the menus you need to see.

The watch will come with a silicone band in the box, but there is liberty to choose other straps user can have alongside it if you want to mix up the style. Alongside that uses can also purchase the existing Fitbit Versa accessories to pair with the Versa Lite.

The watch itself comes in white, lilac, mulberry and marina blue colors. Get it in one of the latter two and the watch body will be the same. With the option of GPS, The Versa Lite Edition has the company’s own PurePulse 24/7 heart rate tracker on the rear and comes with a variety of workouts. These workouts includes, such as yoga, running, cycling and more, with a couple of flicks being all you need to start tracking them.