Well, it’s good news for motorbike riders, as Forcite MK1 smart motorcycle helmets. Company has officially launched its MK1 smart motorcycle helmet, which forgoes the HUD in favor of an interesting LED light strip. Not only that, it has HD, wide-angle camera, Bluetooth communication unit, VOIP intercom and a handlebar-mounted control unit. Well, after the smart motorcycles, there was trend of smart jackets and glasses matching with those bikes. Now, there is smart helmet, which serve all the purpose.

The helmet is an ECE 22.5 and DOT-certified lid wrapped in a carbon fiber shell. The antibacterial lining is removable and washable, and also features an emergency pull tag.

Forcite MK1 Motorcycle Helmet

This is really a smart motorcycle helmet, as it offers many specs. Coming to the specs, it has an antibacterial lining, equipped with an advanced ventilation system, a UV400-rated visor. Besides that, rider will have in build speakers, with dual microphone, chin-mounted HD camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Not only that the for alerts and navigation, the helmet offers a exclusive LED lighting system. Thus, with all of this, you can take calls, listen to music, get directions, receive alerts about construction or weather, and even live stream your ride via the camera.

While, talking about the chin-mounted camera, it is capable of recording in 1080p/30 fps, with a 166° wide-angle lens. The camera turns on automatically as the lid turns on, and can record continuously for five hours, so it’s ideal for action and dash-cam purposes.

Whereas, Wi-Fi connectivity allows the riders to send video to phone after recording, or you can stream live as you ride. The MK1 should be a great lid for Motovloggers, with its built-in noise cancelling microphones allowing you to record yourself talking as you ride. On the other hand, it has The 1,400 mAh battery that works for 5 hours ride.

According to the company, “HUD’s are a dangerous distraction; they impede your vision and are hard to interpret, especially at speed.” Instead, the MK1 will use an interesting LED strip system to communicate visually at the periphery of your visual field.