Besides the innovations in world of technology, there are few things that have no alternative, Spryng is one of it. Spryng is a bit different, designed at speeding up your recovery, reducing muscle soreness by stimulating blood circulation. Looks like a pair of chunky shin-guards, these tech-laced wraps expand and contract around your calves, improving blood flow and feeling very nice in the process.

Spryng’s “Chief of Recovery”, Heshika Deegahawathura said, “It’s pretty simple. It focuses on the lower limbs, as the calf muscles are responsible for pumping blood back up to the upper body and the heart


So, if you have tired, achy legs and muscle soreness, now you don’t have to worry about it. The Spryng will help you to recover from all these. Not only that, if lactic acid build-up, and blood pooling in the lower legs can cause fatigue and pain. Spryng gives you a way to power back up, accelerating muscle recovery, after any workout, so you can perform at your best each time.

Coming to it working and creation, Spryng is a result of over three years of scientific research and development. The Spryng is basically calf wrap, determined by its unique patent-pending WaveTech compression pattern, improves blood circulation through graduated compression of the calf muscle. The pneumatic compression technology boosts blood flow, which results in faster recovery.

Besides that, it also offers the adaptability to work more in your day. It powers g you up to go from an airplane seat to the ski slopes. And wherever you wanted to go, it will be your partner. The Spryng has three different power modes and patterns. But the focus is more on active firmness, affecting your circulation in a positive way, rather than the wonderful massage feeling the Spryng conferred to my worn-out legs.

This type if guard is for everyone, people who do Pilates, skiers, snowboarders, gamers, and adventurers! Spryng is for anyone who likes to play!