The Freebox Delta from French carrier Free, equipped with Devialet speakers, is so strange, stylish and interesting that it merits a much closer look. This set top box has streaming speeds which meets 4K, HDR and high reliability. Besides that, it’s one of the first set-top to deliver many things and fulfill all your needs. It delivers high-speed internet, media-player ability, high-end sound and 4K HDR video. It got Alexa, streaming services and even a free Netflix subscription as well.

With Freebox Delta, You can stream music using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. If user wants something else, there are Deezer, Qobuz, YouTube, Dailymotion and Twitch apps as well. But for these entire user need to switch on the TV.

Freebox Delta

Coming the specifications and technology of Freebox Delta, it basically based on two devices.  Both of which are, well, delta-shaped with three rounded corners. The internet box is an average fiber modem and router that provides internet speeds up to 8Gbps down and 400 Mbps up.

The more motivating part is the Devialet set-top box. The box has its own aesthetic vibe. It has speaker grills along all three sides, including three custom-designed bass speakers for extra bottom-end oomph. The plastic top has the lighting and controls; while the bottom plastic panel is removable and lets you install your own hard drives. The 11-pound weight reminds you it’s a fairly serious device.

Well on the op of this set top box, there are indications for different usage. These indicators are related to indicate power/status/volume levels, along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And a button up there allows you disable or enable Amazon’s Alexa and the Freebox voice assistant.

While for other inputs, it has HDMI 2.1, Ethernet output, USB Type-C and a connection for an antenna because many folks still use those in France. It’s connected to and powered by a USB Type-C cable that runs to the router, so there’s no ugly power cable or brick required.

For control there are two remotes. There’s one that’s touch-enabled with an integrated OLED screen, which you can recharge via wireless Qi just by setting it on specially-placed magnets on the box.