From a classical era to modern world, men’s fedora hats remain to be classical and traditional. They have been popular since they appeared on the market. Regardless of the long history, the fedora hat is a purely characteristic and timeless hat that will never go out of fashion. A fedora hat is a wide-brimmed hat with an indented crown. Commonly, fedora hats attribute a teardrop crowns, diamond crows with center dents.

Well most of the times, the crown height is 11 cm (around 4.5 inches). The brim of the hat is usually 7 cm wide. In some designs, the brim is little wider and left edged. Some variations of the fedora hat are the foldaway and crush-able fedora. They have an open crown which can be shaped in many different ways. Some even have a ventilated crown with grommets for better air circulation.

Scala Classico Men’s Crushable

This hat is 100 % wool felt, if you want to buy a fedora hat that you can travel with Scala Classico Men’s Crushable is the best choice. The top quality material makes it easy for you to compress the hat, fold it, and pack it, if you don’t want to wear while travelling. The wool material also makes the hat soft and lightweight. It is so soft and smooth that the hat, that it will not irritate you.

Simplicity Unisex Timelessly Classic Manhattan

If you are looking to add a Vintage look, this ageless traditional fedora hat is the entire thing. With 6 firm dark colors, this fedora hat features the traditional fedora hat style with a tear drop crease, a narrow brim and a short crown which is ideal for plays or weddings. The hat is made of 100 % of cotton which is soft and smooth. Its well ventilate for cool head, with the high quality inner sweatband, the hat is able to wick your sweat away and make sure there is no irritation if you have to wear this hat for a long time.

Brixton Messer Fedora Hat

The hat is made from 100% wool to keep you warm and cozy. This simple fedora hat has many colors for you to choose from. It got a nice wide brim that can cover your face from the sunlight. The brim is so impressionable that you can curve it just a little bit. This hat gives a mature and good looks and leaves a signature of his image in the mind of people around him. It will add a stylish flair to your outfit that you may have never had before.

YoungLove Classic

Blended from soft wool fabric, this fedora hat has tear shaped crown with short brim. While the inside it has inner moisture-wicking black sweatband lining. This fedora hat is all day comfortable wear, perfect simple stain-resistant bendable fedora for everyday casual wear. This hat id made for formal special events or as a costume accessory as well.

Home Prefer

With coffee or black color, short brim, the teardrop shaped top and a pinched crown; it’s a classic hat from Home Prefer. Made of 100 % of wool with a pinched crown, a short brim, the headband is made of satin lining and a grosgrain band keeps you warm. While the brim of the hat can be curved up and down and you can change the shape of the brim in whichever way you like. When the brim is flat, the width of it is 4.5 inches, which is plenty to cover a wide area of your face as well as your neck and your ears, protecting your skin when you go out in a board day light.

Dorfman Pacific

Also made from 100% wool, sleek and simple, this classic black fedora hat for men will guarantee that you have a timeless piece of hat on your head. It is durable and it can fit well in your luggage as reshaping it is easy. From formal occasions to parties and parades, this classic fedora hat is suitable for every occasion. You can say a must-have accessory for men. The hat features a herringbone band with a gray black crest circles the crown. It would definitely help you to standout in a crown with the distinctive look. It’s recommended to wear this hat with suit and tie. A casual look would work also.

Peter Grimm Men’s Depp Fedora

This hat from Peter Grimm is most iconic hat for fashion-lovers. This hat has a classic trilby style featuring a short 1.5 inch upturned brim and a narrow 4.5 inch crown. It has a stripy band and the iconic Peter Grimm rabbit logo, made of 100 % of durable natural Tokyo straw. The fiber is comfortable and light weight. The straw of this hat is tightly woven by hand for a durable fabric. In addition, this men’s fedora hat has a built-in soft sweatband which is capable of capturing the moisture away and ensuring you feel comfortable all day long. The upside down Cuban style and the stingy brim can surely make you stand out from the mass. It is also easy to pair with other pieces of your clothing thanks to its timeless design and solid color.

Country Gentleman Brim Fedora Hat

The 100 percent of wool material is soft and smooth with a luxurious feeling. It is also very lightweight and comfortable for you to wear for a long time. The satin lining sewn inside the hat also prevents rubbing as well as hat hair effectively. The wool material is warm enough for you to have this hat in chilly days yet well ventilated and breathable. When you wear this hat in a hot day, you can still feel that your head is kept cool throughout the day.