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Now iPhone user will have better option to have smartwatch, as Google Fit in iOS with Apple Watch support. Earlier Google came up with redesigned system for its activity tracking app Google Fit. These changes were Move Minutes and Heart Points. On the other hand, that could be tracked with an Android phone and/or Wear OS watch.

With this new change, now Google is hoping to improve the experience for iOS users with the release of a standalone Google Fit app. So, it’s no longer only available only for Android users.

Google Fit in iOS with Apple Watch Support

According to the details, this new Fit is focused on “smart activity goals” that Google created earlier. The Move Minutes are earned whenever you perform any physical activity. These activities may be walking, yoga, chores, etc. with a minute recorded after 30 or more steps.

On the other hand, Heart Points are aimed at capturing more moderate activity, like a quick walk that’s over 100 steps per minute. It is related to more forceful workouts will garner two points/minute, with both metrics represented as rings around your profile image in the Home tab.  Besides that, the app also records the step count, calories, and miles underneath.

So, while some Google Fit data was already available on iOS through the Wear OS app, owning a Wear OS smartwatch was a requirement. With full Apple Health and Apple Watch integration, the standalone Google Fit app is a much better solution.

Other than this, Google Fit will also adjust goals based on your current progress, with assistive notifications providing encouragement. Now Google Fit is also available on Apple store as well.