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Google has launched two new Apps to help the deaf people in the world; these two apps are Google Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier. According to Google, these two new mobile apps Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier are made to target 466 million people. Those are more than the five percent of the population. All these people are with inability to hear i.e. is deaf or hard of hearing.  While The Live Transcribe app will use Google’s cloud-based, speech-to-text intelligence to offer text representations of spoken conversations. And on the other hand, the other app Sound Amplifier depends on an Android-based active audio processing effect to make speech and other sounds easier to hear.

Live Transcribe does accurately what its name suggests. It uses your phone’s mic to mechanically produce captions that appear on your screen. With Sound Amplifier, you can use your phone and a set of headphones to improve the clarity of the speech around you.

Google Live Transcribe

During a display, a group of Google product managers showed how their presentations could be transcribed into text in near real time by Live Transcribe. In another corner of the room, Google had engineered a hearing loss simulator as part of the demo of Sound Amplifier. Slip on a set of headphones, and a Google employee cranked the simulator to reduce your hearing abilities.

Eve Andersson, Google’s team member said “Technology is about inclusion, and empowering people of all abilities.” As she was speaking, the exact words are following her on a screen behind her.  She further said, “Our products and services will only get better and more useful if we invite people of all segments of society, and people from all over the world, to influence and create technology”.

With these two latest tech, it shows that how technology is helping the people with disabilities. While, talking about the working of live Transcribe, when it launched it by design it started to transcribe any speech. The other big feature is that it can transcribe the speech into words for more than 70 languages.

 Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier, was initially announced last year in May at Google’s I/O developer conference. This feature requires an Android phone and headphones. It isn’t a standalone app, but a tool you can access in your settings. It allows you control the sound around you by moving slide toggles on your phone. Besides this, user can enhance sounds or experiment with different fine tuning settings to reduce surplus noise nearby.