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World is full of men, who are enthusiastic and speed driven adventures. And if they have the superbike or any bike they try to fly. But sometime the adventure becomes the misadventure unfortunately, if you riding the motorcycle to fast. So, in order to prevent set lost of hand or limbs, there is new innovative Honda Bionic Arm for motor cyclist. Well people are looking for the medical and technological advancements.

The Honda Bionic Arm formed after the designer Tom Hylton, who has suffered the loss of a limb. And in order to make himself back on track, he comes up with this innovative arm.

Honda Bionic Arm

It’s all started with an incident, and the incidents sometimes lead to the innovations. So, combining Honda’s expertise in robotics and in motorbikes, Tom Hylton imagines a solution for handicaps. The Honda Bionic Arm is a Prosthetic Arm allows people without an arm to operate a Honda motorcycle. Coming to its working, the arm attached at the shoulder and plugs right into the handlebar, giving you a great grip over the bike. Not only that, robotic arm is also built to send commands to the bike, allowing the acceleration, deceleration. further more, it also allows the biker to push the brake without the need of a palm or a hand.

According to the designer and maker, “The bike and the prosthetic communicate with each other and the rider to calculate appropriate lean angles and aid body positioning. It will also eject with the rider in the event of an accident. It is modular to suit trans-humeral and trans-radial amputees.

besides that, the arm also allows for spatial connection, capacitive ability, and adequate communication between rider and machine. The prosthetic is attached at the shoulder and integrates directly with the conceptualized Honda superbike, plugging into the handlebar and issuing commands based on the rider’s intentions. As a result, the bionic arm gives motorcycle riders the better ability to position themselves for angular leans, correction, and steering.