Well, in the digital world, companies are trying to attract their customers with new and innovative devices. So, as the Hp, the company has now introduced its Omen X 2S’ Dual-Screen, a smart laptop. Besides the first one, it has six-inch 1080p touchscreen above the keyboard. It is the first dual screen gaming laptop. This gaming laptop has conventional touchpad that is vertically orientated and located to the right of the keyboard.

Basically, PC gamers often use dual-screen rigs to be able to watch Twitch streams while they’re gaming, or to follow tutorials from YouTube. So, it allows the user to drag the favorite browser onto the miniature 1080p display and watch away.

HP Omen X 2S’ Dual-Screen Laptop

While, talking about the screen, the primary 15-inch display has a resolution of 1080p and a 144Hz refresh rate. Which is there to run for smooth motion when gaming or watching videos.  Besides that it also has an optional 4K display with a 240Hz refresh rate for dedicated gamers and e-sports players who need to react faster than their enemies.

On the other hand, the lesser 6-inch, 1080p acts a lot like the GamePad on a Nintendo Wii U. basically this screen allows ad additional display for the information that could not comes on the primary screen. Additionally, user can also use the mini-display to set macros and monitor system performance. May be, that will use for different games, that has additional instructions or information.

Now, coming to the specifications, the laptop is equipped with 9th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU, up to 32GB of RAM, up to a 1TB SSD. Particularly for games, it has Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics with 8GB of VRAM. The RTX 2080 is the highest end graphics card from Nvidia, and capable of playing the latest games at Ultra graphics settings. And, of course, it supports ray tracing for more realistic lighting and reflections.