With lot more VR headsets are coming, as the technology in virtual reality is making rapid progress. With many VR heads out there, but HP’s new Reverb VR Headsets are different. HP’s newest Windows Mixed Reality headset is called the Reverb, and it sports impressive 2160 x 2160 resolution optics, inside-out tracking, and a lightweight design

HP’s new Reverb VR Headset initially announced two versions. For consumer model, the VR headsets will cost $599. While the second one is an enterprise Pro version, comes with a separate 0.6-meter cable and a fabric face mask, for $649.

HP’s new Reverb VR Headsets

The Reverb is HP’s second Windows VR headset. Though it will hook into the ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ platform at its core, it will also support SteamVR through an official plugin, just like other Windows VR headsets.

The most remarkable is the headset’s new display resolution of 2160 by 2160 pixels. That is larger than the earlier version of HP’s first headset. O the other hand, they have crisper than the 2160 by 1200 pixel-per-eye resolution of the HTC Vive Pro, as well as Samsung’s Odyssey HMD headset and the Acer Mixed reality HMD.

In addition to the resolution bump, which currently makes HP’s headset one of the highest-fidelity offerings on the VR market, both versions of the Reverb also come with an expanded 114-degree field of view. However, that’s not a significant jump over HP’s previous Mixed Reality device, which comes in at around 105 degrees.

HP comes up with  some most important changes, this time around. Instead of OLED displays, it’s using fast-switching 2.89-inch LCDs running at 90Hz. Formerly, high-end headsets only used OLED to avoid the head-ache inducing screendoor effect.  But HP says LCD technology has come a long way since then. It’s also tough to secure OLED supply these days, since it’s showing up in more devices.