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The audio chat becomes easier on the Instagram. Now the users have not to go to a live conversation if he desired to have voice chats on Instagram. Instagram has launched its new voice messages service known as warlike talkie. So, after the direct text messages, this new voice service will enhance the consumption of Instagram on social media.

Well this new concept of voice chat, an alternative to video chat is not new on social media. Facebook, WhatsApp and other social platform are already using this kind of service. But according to social media experts, this new feature of warlike-talkie will give Instagram an extra edge.

Walkie -Talkie

The social network has launched walkie-talkie style voice messaging feature for direct messages. If you want to send a message, just hold down a microphone button to record a message and sent it to someone or to group.

On the other hand, Instagram’s audio messaging element works like built-in audio feature in Apple’s Messages application. This feature has new microphone button to record an audio message. This message will appear as in wave form, up to one minute long.

Further, the introduction of Instagram’s new walkie-talkie quality comes as watch OS 5 added a native walkie-talkie feature. First it was tested and teased alongside the original Apple Watch. The watch OS Walkie-Talkie characteristic is far more walkie-talkie-like and offers users real-time voice communication functionality.

The social media experts are of opinion that, recently Instagram has considerably enhanced its direct platform. The social media app has been added up with different features. These new elements include replay support, status indicators, poll stickers, and much more.  On the other hand, Snapchat is considered to be the Instagram main rival on social media platforms. As the short form messages on Snapchat remains extremely popular.