In this era of tech, the gadgets are getting smarter and have awesome display. So are the laptops, many companies are making the laptops more powerful and specs high but they are focusing on the display as well. Now, the laptops are getting innovation in design and handling, so is the Intel’s Honeycomb Glacier concept laptop.

It is the most wild of them all is Intel’s idea for dual-screen laptops. “Honeycomb Glacier” is Intel’s concept of the future of gaming PCs.

Intel’s Honeycomb Glacier Concept

Earlier, Asus introduced its dual screen ZenBook dual series, now Intel comes up with its own kind of dual screen innovative screen concept the Honeycomb Glacier.

The main display is a 15.6in Full HD display, with fairly chunky bezels for a 2019 laptop. But rather than be plunked in the laptop normal position, it sits on top of a secondary 12.3in 1920 x 720 screen. And yes, it looks as bizarre as that sounds.

On the other hand, the secondary screen sits on a hinge in the middle of the laptop rather than towards the back. But is orientated in a fashion so that the primary screen above it, which is also sat on a hinge, sits at an angle one would expect from a laptop.

Inside there’s an over-clocked 45W Core i9 processor as well as an NVIDIA GTX 1070. Under the hinge, a giant circular vent pulls air across the device, with further vents dotted around the sides of the base. It means Intel can keep its processors running over-clocked and tap into some secondary benefits of that elevated screen.