Well people who knows about different little tech gadgets that are unique, must know the man Edwin Van Ruymbeke. Bionic Bird man comes up with new robotic flying insect Called MetaFly. The flying insect but not clearly a drone. It is a remote controlled ornithopter, and is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run.

MetaFly is a remote-control model that flies by flapping its wings, just like a real bird. And it falls into the category of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.


Coming to the technical aspect of the MetaFly, it weighs less than 10 grams (0.35 oz), is 19 cm long (7.5 in), and has a 29-cm (11.4-in) wingspan. The wing-flapping is handled by a mechanical coreless motor (with an aluminum heat sink), which is in turn powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

While talking about it control and other features, the flying insect is controlled with a two channel remote control. Besides that it can fly up to 100 meters, pretty good for small flying machine. It has the speeds up to 18 kilometers per hour can be reached, and the 55 milliAmpere hour hybrid lithium polymer battery gives eight minutes of flight from a twelve minute charge.

Besides these, it features an upgrade kit available through the campaign allows users bring a powerbank along during flights for even longer flying times. Using four AA batteries will also power the copter but the battery flight time isn’t specified. The remote is 10 centimeters tall by 15 centimeters wide. The wings are built from carbon fiber and liquid crystal polymer and the tail can be moved up or down to give the user more control or more speed during flight.

Now the power, the battery is charged by docking the MetaFly with the included 2-channel radio remote control unit, drawing current from that device’s four AA batteries. One 15-minute charge should be good for eight minutes of flight time, with 15 flights possible on one set of the remote’s batteries. Users can also opt for a separate 1,500-mAh power bank, which reportedly manages 20 12-minute flights.