Earlier, Microsoft and NASA unite to start piece of Challenge Sidekick when a SpaceX supply rocket docked with the ISS and delivered the headsets to the waiting astronauts. On the other hand, “HoloLens and assorted virtual and mixed actuality devices are modern technologies. Besides that it will also attend drive future exploration and present contemporary capabilities to the women and males conducting main science on the Global Position Arena. At that time of it making, the company said, “This new technology could also empower future explorers who need greater autonomy on their journey to Mars.

Thus, Microsoft’s AR headset is making an impact both on and off the planet. Whereas, augmented reality has also found its way into spacecraft design and production with incredible results.

Microsoft AR HoloLens

Mixed reality technology has garnered a sizable amount of interest in a variety of professional industries, though, from medicine and education to design and engineering. Basically, Microsoft’s HoloLens platform to revolutionize how spacecraft are constructed and astronauts perform their duties while in orbit.

Earlier, on that mission when astronauts aboard the ISS, they uses the HoLolens’ “Remote Expert Mode” in many of their tasks. The Remote Expert connects the wearer with an Earth-based technician from the flight control team via Skype. And this allowed them to see what the astronaut is seeing and advise accordingly.  Besides that the headsets could also be deployed in Procedure Mode, which played locally-stored animated holographic illustrations for times when there is no expert mode available.

After that, according to the experts, “This experience lets the public explore Mars in an entirely new way. To walk through the exact landscape that Curiosity is roving across puts its achievements and discoveries into beautiful context.”

So, how Hololens help to make the space ship more easily? The team was able to cut down the time spent joining components and torquing bolts to precise specifications by 30 to 50 percent. Rather than having to thumb through the instructions to know how many pounds of pressure a specific bolt requires, that information is displayed directly atop the bolt by the HoloLens.

Besides that, the HoloLens doesn’t just reduce the amount of time and money. Rather spent putting the Orion together, it also helps to mitigate uncertainty in the manufacturing process and prevent costly mistakes.